Doubletwist Pro Apk Free Download

Doubletwist pro apk can be downloaded for free with version 3.0.3 easily available. There is no trial version of the app that you will find for free rather the complete Doubletwist pro is available for free download. The cracked apk of Doubletwist pro can be downloaded in order to get the music player which has podcast facilities as well as music sync functionality in order to keep up with your choices. The Doubletwist pro is available for download on Android software.

Doubletwist pro apk Overview

Doubletwist pro is a music player for Android from where you can get simple and easy access to listen out to thousands of songs of your choice. The songs that you have stored on your Android devices can be easily accessed with the help of this music player. The app has been developed under the banner of doubleTwist with some of the best features available that you will find in any music app on your Android devices.

The best thing about the app is the easy to use interface through which you don’t have to worry much about shuffling from one music app to another in order to listen to music, Doubletwist pro has got it covered for you. You can also manage your podcasts with the help of this application and can sync your iTunes playlist to the doubleTwist app. There is also an option of Airsync purchase along with AirPlay option to play music and videos.

There is also a premium version of doubletwist pro through which you can enjoy songs and albums from different artists and composers related to different genes. There are different genes available and you can get access to all those genes and play the music according to your mood as well. There are different themes that are currently available at doubletwist pro which include light or dark AMOLED or black or red theme.

Doubletwist Pro Apk

The easy to use interface and different options of themes have made this app quite popular amongst the user with doubletwist pro already receiving more than 100,000 five star ratings on the Play Store. The app not has got positive reviews from the users but big tech publications like BBC, New York Time, and the Wall Street Journal have also applauded the app and recommended it to the users. With more than 10 million loyal users, listening to music on your Android devices was never so easy.

Doubletwist pro apk Features

Doubletwist pro apk has got quite a few interesting features that you can experience once you download the music players. Some of the key features that you will get will include:

  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Multiple themes available to use
  • Podcast management
  • Variable speed playback
  • High revolution albums from different artists and different genres are available

The music player is supported by the following version of the Android software:

  • Jelly Bean
  • KitKat
  • Lollipop
  • Marshmallow